Our HR Policy

Right Person,

Happy Employee.

We are aware of the need for a correct human resources policy behind healthy minds, exciting breakthroughs, sustainable success and a happy business life.

Based on this awareness, we always prioritize professional ethics and the happiness of our colleagues, and take all our actions in a way that does not contradict these two main items.

With our people-oriented approach, we see all our friends under the roof of Ölçek Mühendislik as a valuable part of our family within the framework of our team spirit, which we have synthesized the dynamism of youth and years of experience.

In the light of these details, “Why Should You Work at Ölçek Mühendislik?” Our company mascot, Mr. ÖLÇEK, answered the question for you in our HR movie:



Human Resources Policy


All of our colleagues are a valuable part of our family and we always prioritize respect with the motto of 'people first'.


We never allow our professional ethical values to remain in the background and be forgotten under any circumstances.


In our social and business life, we establish a clear dialogue with our colleagues on every subject, and we never compromise our honesty principle.


We always strengthen our staff with our talented colleagues who are open to learning and development, and who think perfectionistically.